Online shopping for a sex doll actually provokes an old case Chapter IV

Chapter IV Wrong Way

The interrogation continues. The female police officer flipped through the documents and continued. "According to the investigation by the criminal police, a dagger with dried blood was found under your bed, and the hair of the deceased was found on your bed and in the bathroom. How do you explain this?"

Sweat dripped down my forehead. The delivery box disappeared, the dagger under the bed, and the hair. No matter how stupid I am, I know I have been framed. I'm just an ordinary taxi driver, and they are trying their best to frame me, for what?

The female police officer saw that I had been silent, and said: "According to the identification, there are still a lot of your fingerprints on the skin of the deceased woman.

"I... what else can I say? With a bang, the door was kicked open. The fat boss roared and rushed towards me with tears in his face: "You murderer! I want you to live better than to die, and want your whole family to die for my wife, ah ah ah ah! ! "

Several police officers could not hold him tightly, being pushed to the ground by him a few times. I want to hide, but I have nowhere to run. Seeing his casserole-big fist hit my eye sockets, I could only hurriedly protect my head with both hands. Unexpectedly, after waiting for a long time, the fist did not come down.

When I opened my eyes, it turned out that the female police officer beside me stopped the punch for me. She held Boss Wu's wrist with one small hand, and looked directly at the fat man with sharp eyes.

Boss Lu said: "Police officer, you let go, I want to kill him and avenge my wife!" After saying that, I wanted to shake off her hand, but unexpectedly earned twice and found that her wrist was clamped by a vise. In general, I couldn't break free at all. Boss Wu realized that something was wrong, and looked up at the female police officer. The two stood in front of me shaking hands and staring at each other. After a while, Boss Wu’s angry face turned into panic: "You, what are you doing? Let go, let me go!"

The female police officer was still holding his wrist firmly, but Boss Wu was already flushed with blue veins on her forehead, and her other hand stretched over to break her wrist in an attempt to rescue the trapped wrist, and desperately pulled her fist back. After a few seconds, the fat man's face turned green, and he hummed like a pig, as if he was begging for mercy. I was stunned to see. I didn't think that the female police officer was so gentle and weak, she was so powerful.

At this time, a man came in at the door, the middle-aged man in plain clothes. He saw the female police officer bullying Boss Wu and hurriedly stopped the female police officer. The female police officer returned to her seat, and Fatty Wu was carried out by other police officers.

"Do you have anything else you want to say?" The female police officer waited for me to answer. I sighed, "I can only say that I was framed, I didn't kill people, and I don't know why the teen sex doll I bought turned into human skin. What is going on..."

The female police officer shook her head and sighed: "If you continue to do this, no one will believe you. You will end up in jail for the crime of deliberate homicide, and you will be imprisoned forever or the death penalty. You carefully remember what happened recently."

"I'm just a night taxi driver. I don't know anyone except the door guard. I really can't think of anyone who will frame me."

The female police officer continued to ask: "If you think about it, why do these physical evidences appear in your room? Why are you a suspect? You can also expand the scope and think about what happened to you these days. "

Listening to the voice of the female police officer, it seemed that she was intentionally helping me. Could it be that she was suggesting something to me? I calmed down, lowered my head and thought about it in accordance with her thoughts. After a while, the female police officer asked: "How is it?"

I frowned and said: "I just feel... that human skin woman, I seem to have seen it somewhere, but I can't remember it for a while."

At this moment, a person's cell phone ringing suddenly rang. The person picked up the phone and looked at it, his face changed, and he turned to the female police officer and said, "Quickly interrogate, there is no time!"

Immediately afterwards, several people took out their mobile phones to check, and then all looked at the female police officer, it seemed that something urgent had happened.

The female police officer hesitated for a moment, put all the materials on the table together and spread them out in front of me, and said: "Look at these materials. If there is no new evidence that you can't think of, you need to sign and fingerprint in these places."

After pointing a few places, she turned the page seemingly at random. I followed her finger to look around, and saw a document in the file, which belonged to this female police officer. I looked up at her incomprehensibly, and was about to ask what she was doing, but she secretly made a look at me. I was even more puzzled, so I followed her eyes and looked down at the ID.

The female police officer in the photo has a melon face, white skin, and looks pretty and beautiful. There is a masculinity in her heroic posture. I am a little fascinated by the picture of her.

The female police officer pointed her finger at the certificate and said angrily: "Here! Here!" She clicked her finger on the document, and I looked at it and stayed again. On the certificate, the name of the female police officer was written impressively: Zhang Xingjie. Her name is Zhang Xingjie?

Is she the playmate of my childhood in the country, the wild girl who often followed me to climb trees and drill holes? ! It turned out to be her! Since just now, she has been quite partial to me. Thinking back to her performances just now, it seems that she has discovered me a long time ago.

After so many years of absence, she actually entered the National Security Bureau. Now that she shows her identity at this time, is it to save me? ! I feel like I have caught a straw, my mood is ups and downs, she will save me, right? Female police officer, no, Zhang Xingjie booed me, then pointed to the file and said, "Look at these places, do you have anything to explain?"

"I was framed." I looked into her eyes, she frowned, and secretly wrote a few words on the note and handed it to me. I was happy, she was thinking for me. ! I took a look at the note, but it said: "Plead guilty." These words are like a bucket of ice water pouring down from my head. I expected her to save me. Unexpectedly, she actually made me confess all guilt...

I was suddenly desperate. Unexpectedly, I went to jail for buying a lifelike silicone sex doll, ridiculous! Is it over like this?

Online shopping for a sex doll actually provokes an old case Chapter III

Chapter III Interrogation

It turned out that the merchant had sent the wrong goods. This turned out to be Mr. Lv's "wife". He is so rich that he actually bought such a rubbish "silicone sex doll"? I am a little confused.

Captain Li said to a tall and handsome police officer nearby: "Xiao Li, go and send the other two documents." The little Li turned and went out. Captain Li patted me on the shoulder, gave me a meaningful look, and said, "Go and make a note with that female police officer."

After I sat down across from her, the female police officer looked up at me and seemed to want to laugh again, but soon held back. She drank a sip of water and said solemnly: "Now I will start to do the interrogation transcript. If I ask you something, you must answer honestly, you know? I nodded and agreed.

The female police officer looked up at me and asked in a cold tone: "Name"

"Tribhuvan, 24 years old, unmarried, height 175, weight 138, lives in the urban Hanyuan community, and graduated with a bachelor's degree..." I quickly replied.

The female police officer glared at me and lowered her head to record my information. After a while, she looked at me and asked abruptly: "You used to live in a township?" I was taken aback and nodded and said, "Well, what's wrong with staying in the township for a few years?"

"It's nothing." She tucked her hair off her ears, and then asked seriously: "Work."

"Night shift taxi driver, follow my uncle to open the taxi, it has been almost two years, I am in charge of the night shift.”

She quickly recorded the information, and then asked: "They brought you here today, do you know why?"

I thought for a while, and said shyly: "It's...because I took it, that...silicone sex doll, will Lv An want me to lose money?"

The female police officer asked coldly: "What? Silicone sex doll? Are you sure that it is a silicone sex doll?"

I was frightened and confessed in a hurry: "I bought a doll with hair-shedding..." from the Internet last month..."

"Say the point!"

"Okay, okay!" I was really a little shy in front of women. "...I spent a lot of money to buy that silicone doll. It was not until this morning that the courier delivered it to my house. I took a look at it excitedly and found that this was not what I wanted. This wrinkled, greasy one The dolls are not good-looking, and they shed their hair! They are too far from the beautiful teen sex doll I saw in the doll online store"

"But I really don't know what's going on. I thought it was bought by me. I swear I only took it apart and looked at it. I didn't fuck the silicone sex doll. If not, I am willing to pay a portion of the wear and tear... …" Lv An's methods are really powerful. Just for such a small matter, people from the National Security Bureau were sent to arrest me. After speaking, I felt that the atmosphere in the interrogation room was a bit wrong.

Everyone in the room looked up at me, and the policewoman stared at me. The interrogation room was silent for a while. After a while, she frowned and said verbatim: "Don't pretend to be confused! The doll you mentioned is not a silicone doll, but a piece of...human skin!"

With a bang in my head, I jumped up from the chair and fell to the ground with the chair. A policeman came in at the door, the little plum, and he pulled me up straight. I looked at the female police officer in panic and said: "You...Don't talk nonsense, don't make jokes."

Xiao Li handed the two documents to the policewoman. The policewoman opened the documents and handed them to me. I tremblingly stretched out my hand and took it, only to flip through the two photos, my stomach was rushing with nausea, and I rushed to the side to throw up in the waste basket.

In the photo, the "silicone doll" is neatly spread out, looks very elastic, with all facial features and limbs, and is spread out flat on the bed. Except for a lot of hairs on some parts... I was churning in my stomach and vomiting for more than ten minutes. Leaning on the wall and panting, I really want to die. Recalling that I played with this human skin in the morning, looking at the greasy skin, I was sick and scared.

The expressions of the people in the room were calm. I weakly asked the policewoman: "Can you let me take a shower first?"

"Don't worry, there are more important things waiting for you." The female police officer looked at me and said: “Lv An, the fat boss who beat you just now, has officially called the police. He accuses you of robbing and killing his wife, Ms. Su, and cruelly peeling the body and... insulting the body. "

As soon as this remark came out, my brain exploded again with a roar, this, this is what happened again! Since I received the courier, so many unbelievable things have happened to me in just one day, like waves of stormy waves. After that, I couldn't hear what the female police officer was saying anymore, but sat slumped on the ground, feeling out of breath in my chest, thinking about what to do.

It happened so suddenly, my mind was like a paste, and I didn't have any ideas. After a long time, feeling someone patted my shoulder, I slowly raised my head. The policewoman was standing behind me with a tissue. I took the paper wipe and wiped the sweat from my head, smiled gratefully at her, and sat back on the chair.

"Have you calmed down?" The female police officer said kindly, "Did you just say that you have to confess everything? Now you can confess."

I... how do I confess! I thought that at most I would admit to buying dolls. I held my head with one hand and forced myself to calm down, thinking carefully about what happened this morning.

From waking up to collect the courier and before being caught, everything seemed to happen very ordinary, and I couldn't think of any strange things. The only strange thing is that this human skin doll is not mine, it was deliberately sent to my home. Yes, I still have personal and physical evidence to prove this!

Thinking of this, I suddenly became energetic and said to the policewoman: "I will naturally confess what I have done, but if you want me to admit what I haven't done, I would rather die than admit it!"

The female police officer smiled at me slightly, her eyes showed some encouraging expressions, as if she was encouraging me. Maybe it is my illusion. She flipped through the documents and asked, "That human skin was found in your quilt, right?"

"Yes, but it was delivered by a courier. I still have a courier box next to my bed with the seller's shipping address on it. This can prove it for me."

The female police checked the document and said: "The criminal police has contacted the seller. The other party said that they had shipped the goods not long ago, but the box is definitely not a human skin."

I vaguely felt that things were not so good, so I hurriedly said: "That courier, tall, a bit beard, sausage mouth. I still remember his appearance, he can testify for me."

"After investigating by the criminal police, here is a statement from your community guard and community property manager. They said that before the incident, neither of them found strangers entering or exiting, and no courier entered your community."

It seems that this is not as simple as buying Japanese silicone sex dolls. I was inadvertently involved in a huge vortex. Someone wants to kill me! This incident has become so confusing, it is completely beyond the scope of my imagination.

Online shopping for a sex doll actually provokes an old case Chapter Two

Chapter Two Buy a "silicone doll", I was arrested

Buying a "silicone doll", I was arrested by the police! Is it illegal to buy sex toys? While I was still complaining, these police officers had packed the "silicone doll" on the bed and searched my house thoroughly. A few minutes later, I was escorted out of the door and into a black police car.

I sat in the car anxiously, thinking about all the recent things. But after thinking about it, I didn't realize that I had done any heinous things. It seems that I can only go to tactics first. I smiled and said, "Police officer, can you tell me what crime I have committed?"

The leader of the team is a 36-year-old middle-aged man, tall, thin and capable, with an awe-inspiring look on his face. He stared at me for a long time, and said coldly: "You don't know yourself? It's better to be honest for a while, you know?"

I felt sweaty palms, he turned his head to look at the scenery and ignored me, and I dared not speak anymore. The car turned around at the entrance of Nanhuan Road and ran towards the west of the city instead. I drove a taxi before, and I was naturally familiar with the roads in the city. Seeing the car rushing all the way to the west, I suddenly felt something was wrong. I was a little panicked and asked hurriedly, "Police officer, the police station should be in Nanhuan Road, right?"

"Who told you to go to the police station?" The leader replied coldly. I was confused again, that was the direction of the city detention center. My case, the biggest, is just a public security case. I don’t need to be put in jail, right? After more than ten minutes of this anxiety, the car slowed down and slowly drove into a gate. I quickly glanced at the big sign hanging at the door, Security Bureau? No, this has already alarmed the National Security Bureau? !

Buying a realistic teen sex doll will not endanger national security and stability, right? I cried out and said, "Police officer, have I done anything to apologize for the country?" The leader looked at me indifferently. After getting off the bus, three people were walking over. Two were police officers in neat uniforms, and the other was a middle-aged man in casual clothes. He was in his forties and looked gentle and elegant. The two policemen escorted me into a building after handing over with the former police officer. After turning around, they led me to an office. A temporary sign hung up at the door of the office: 749 innings. 749? This number is very familiar, I seem to have heard of it somewhere.

"Bring me to such a remote corner, what do they want to do, do they want to use me to do human experiments?" I thought anxiously. Go through a long and narrow corridor to an office in a corner of the backyard. I took a look at the house number: Interrogation room! Can not help but shudder. The layout of the interrogation room is very simple. A large office table occupies the center, surrounded by six people, five men and one woman. The plainclothes man sat down straight across the table, and after looking at me, he picked up the documents on the table and looked at it.

A policeman seated me on a chair, then folded my hands on the back of the chair, closed the door and went out. The only sound left in the interrogation room was the sound of scanning through documents. After waiting a full five or six minutes, they were still looking at the file. They were still flipping through the dozen pages of paper, and the only voices in the interrogation room were their occasional coughing and whispering. After waiting for more than ten minutes, I couldn't help it anymore and said loudly, "You guys are talking?"

The policewoman raised her head and sneered. The man in plain clothes gave a dry cough, put down the file, rolled up his sleeves and walked over. I thought he was going to beat me, but he went to the drinking fountain to pour a glass of water and put it in front of me, and then unlocked the handcuffs for me.

I sat in a hurry and said thank you, thinking that the real show was about to go on stage. After I knew he coughed, I sat back and looked at the file! After about Mo drinking two cups of tea, there was finally some movement, and the intercom on the plainclothes men's desk rang: "Team Li, Mr. Lv is here." It turned out that the plainclothes men were their captain and his surname was Li. Team Li took a look at me and said to the walkie-talkie: "I see, let that Mr. Lv come in."

I heard a little strange, a thin old man sitting beside him suddenly frowned at me and said, "You have to be careful." After I heard it, I was even more confused. At this time, the door of the interrogation room was pushed open vigorously, and a sturdy man rushed in. He was in a suit and leather shoes, with a tall horse, a face full of flesh, and a gold chain around his neck. He rushed into the door and looked around. When he saw me, his eyes widened and the veins on his forehead soared, and he rushed towards me with a roar. I was stunned, before I had time to dodge, I was punched with two fists in the face, and one punch was firmly on the nose. I was knocked to the ground, blood was flowing, and the police nearby rushed over to stop him.

"Grass, what are you doing? How dare you beat people in front of so many police officers" I stood up and wanted to fight him. The brawny man still wanted to rush over, cursing even harder: "Bastard, you devil! I, I killed you!" Then he raised a stool next to me to smash me. Several police officers hurriedly snatched his stool and pushed him out. A policewoman came over to help me up.

I was holding my nose in pain and avoiding it. The policewoman handed me a tissue and motioned for me to wipe my nosebleed. I pushed the policewoman away, got up and spit blood on the ground, and said fiercely: "...The punishment is quite distinctive. I found a thug to beat me so that you can abandon the responsibility, right?"

I arched my hand and said: "I confessed that I bought the silicone sex doll and I fucked her. Why, are you going to shoot me? Come on, kill me!"

Just after I finished speaking, the sturdy man snarled and rushed in to hit someone. Team Li asked the police to escort the big man out first, and the big man cursed and was kicked out of the door.

Team Li smiled and said to me: "Do you know who he is?"

"Not the temporary worker you hired?"

Team Li shook his head and said, "We don't have the money to hire this temporary worker. He is the big boss of your community, Lv An, and Mr. Lv."

"Mr. Lv?" I thought for a while and thought that I had no grudges with him. "I don't know him, why hit me?" The female police officer handed out another tissue, but I was embarrassed to refuse, and took the paper and wiped the blood from the nose and face.

The thin old man who had been sitting at the table silently said at this moment: "He hit you because you used his things."

"Use his stuff?" I disdain: "Although I'm just a taxi driver, I don't steal or snatch it. I use my hard-earned money. I haven't used his stuff?"

Before I finished speaking, I suddenly reacted: "That...big tits silicone sex doll, did he buy it?"

"Yes! You used his wife." The old man said solemnly, "It's not a doll, it's his wife."

Online shopping for a sex doll actually provokes an old case

Chapter One

I didn't have a girlfriend or wife, and I was bored and lonely, so I bought a teen sex doll online. In this way I was involved in an old case.

I am a night taxi driver, and I often have to be busy until the early hours of the morning to go home and rest. I often encounter some inexplicable things at night, but I generally ignore them. There were basically no people on the street after ten o'clock last night. Seeing that there was no business, I ended work early and went home to sleep.

I thought I could get a good night's sleep, but who knew that I would have nightmares as soon as I fell asleep. In the dream, I was locked in a bottomless well, and it was useless to climb and shout, and finally woke up in sweat.

I remember I haven't had a nightmare for many years. Could it be that I was entangled in something terrifying? It's just a series of tossing, and I didn't sleep peacefully until morning. Who knew there was another knock on the door, which woke me up alive. I was irritated and roared impatiently: "Who is outside the door?!" "Hello, sir, it's your express delivery." Said a more impatient voice outside.

Delivery? How can I have express delivery, can't I make a mistake? It suddenly occurred to me that a girl asked me to take her to the countryside half a month ago and gave me a lot of money. Then I used the money to buy a young silicone doll online. I didn't expect to receive the goods in half a month. In other words, online shopping is now very convenient. These dolls online stores can provide customer service for celebrity sex doll. As long as you have money, you can choose any celebrity.

I put on a piece of clothing to open the door, outside the door was a fat man with a big waist. The fat man looked at me with a strange expression and asked, "Please sign for your express?". When I finished signing, he transported the box to the house. The express box is wrapped with tape layer by layer, and the package is very meticulous and tight. No one will know that it is a doll inside, and the merchant has fully considered the privacy of the customer.

After the courier left, I hurriedly closed the door and returned to the house to prepare to study anthropology. You know, this is the "wife" I bought with a lot of money. I hurriedly threw the courier on the bed, unpacked the cardboard outside, and opened the layers of plastic cloth, only to find that it was a small bag wrapped in oil cloth. I was anxious at the time and didn't think so much. I opened the tarp bag and I was about to see the "silicone sex doll". I am very excited.

It's just that when I unfolded the entire "silicone doll", I was shocked and shivered. What is this? The foreground of the eyes almost scared me to tears. . . The "silicone doll" inside is completely different from the product pictures in the doll shop. The doll picture on the Internet is a Japanese beauty, a cute face, a perfect curvy figure, and a big breast. And the doll in front of him was crumpled like a dried corpse. I thought it was a human skin if I didn't know it!

I was very angry and wanted to throw this fake "big breasted doll" out. But it's a pity to think that I spent so much money. I want to take a photo and contact the merchant to return the product. When it comes to returning goods, the merchants change their attitudes and find all kinds of excuses not to return the goods. After viewing the photos, the merchant solemnly stated that this was definitely not a doll in their store, and even pointed out that the silicone sex doll I bought did not have pubic hair, but the "human skin doll" in the photo I took had pubic hair. Did the courier deliver it to the wrong place?

I carefully observed the sex doll again, and found that her face was so familiar, she was suddenly sweating in horror. Observe carefully to make sure that I do recognize this face. I couldn't remember who it was for a while, but I was about to contact the merchant when there was a knock on the door.

"Hello, there is your express delivery!" I was surprised, why there is an express delivery again? No, I didn't buy any other things. They must have made a mistake. I replied: "Make a mistake, I don't have express delivery.

"Are you Tribhuvan?" That's right, I am indeed Tribhuvan, is there really another express delivery? How is this going? When I think about it again, I understand. Maybe it's really like what the seller said. Did the previous courier send it to the wrong place? The sex doll in front of me is not mine, which means that the sex doll I just received is someone else's. It seems that the seller has been wronged!

"Is anyone at home? I'm leaving if no one is there!" The courier outside the door began to urge. "I'm coming!" I happily opened the door, thinking that I can't go wrong this time.

As soon as the door opened, the people outside kicked it open vigorously. Unsuspectingly, I flew three meters away. It hurts a lot. Fuck you. Five or six uniformed men rushed in outside the door, overwhelming me and unable to move, I screamed and surrendered. A policeman squatted in front of me, took out a certificate from his pocket, and shook it in front of me: "The police are handling the case, don't make senseless resistance, just follow us obediently!"

Love story 2

I was married to him, holding hands, but the minds of the two of us were still a bit at a loss.

He held my hand along the way, laughed, shouted, and walked towards home. When I was a little girl, I yearned for beautiful wedding dresses and diamond rings, and looked forward to the prince riding a white horse. But at this moment, I was not so excited in my heart. Marriage seems to be a matter of course.

In the ardent eyes of both parents, we rushed into the palace of marriage. Life after marriage has bitterness and sweetness, and there are more sweet moments. After getting married, I still used to say "my stuff" and "your stuff". He said dissatisfied: "Can you change 'I' to 'us"? It seems that our relationship can be one step closer. It took me a few months to change my habits for the sake of harmony in married life.

In addition to the things we have in the new house after marriage, there is not much that can be used. Therefore, we are going to take 4000 to buy some furniture and decorate a warm and loving family. But reality will defeat fantasy in the end, 4000 is not enough to buy what we need. After shopping outside for a long time, I didn't buy anything in the end. We are a little preoccupied. But then he comforted: "It's okay, we will have these things sooner or later."

After marriage, I insisted on keeping some distance. Two people always stay together, there is no private space, there is always a feeling of wasting time. I said to him: "I haven't written anything for months!". He made a serious determination: "I won't disturb you tonight." At night, I was sitting at my desk, but I couldn't write a word. Because I knew there was him in the room, my heart couldn't calm down. I simply dropped the pen and drilled into his arms, hoping to get his caress. Sometimes I can't satisfy his desires, it's too big, and it has penetrated me many times in one night. Sometimes I even want to buy a huge breast sex doll to help solve his desire.

He seldom goes to eat and drink with friends, fearing that I will be lonely at home alone. The two always find something in common in their free time. Wake up in the morning and see the breakfast that has been prepared. In the evening, I was rushing through the manuscript in front of the computer while listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom.

He is doing laundry. When I was busy, he would take the initiative to take on housework. His carefulness always surprises me. When he is drying clothes, I gently hug him and put my face on his smooth back, hoping to give him some warmth when he is tired. I took his hand and slowly led him into the room.

Every time I leave work, I go straight to home. Seeing the light on from a distance, I felt tenderness in my heart. It feels good to be at home. Sometimes he will not be at home, but always turn on the light. I blamed him for wasting electricity. He said, "It's too dark without turning on the light. I'm afraid you will be afraid when you come back."

Over time, we have changed from couples to close friends and sweet lovers, sharing each other's happiness and sorrow. I keep advising those single friends: "If you are in love, get married!"

Love story 1

Lily is a high school student, 17 years old. She studies well and has a good temperament, and is loved by her classmates and teachers. In addition to studying well, she also has a good singing voice.

At that time, I was the stationmaster of the campus radio station and part-time as the head of publicity on campus. One day my leader said that there was a need to add an announcer, and I thought of Lily. Lily successfully became a member of the studio. In the early morning, classmate Lily sat in the broadcasting room and started the first broadcast of Campus in a fresh and lively musical overture. Her appearance brought joy to the dull campus.

In daily broadcasts, apart from campus news, we usually broadcast short paragraphs of lyrical prose describing the seasons and campuses. Every time a piece of script was broadcast, Lily turned her head and smiled sweetly at me, my heart seemed to be beating fast.

Sometimes, we will also receive some passionate manuscripts that are not very good. We tried to broadcast this manuscript, but we were scolded by the leader afterwards. Because the manuscript broadcast is too radical and involves politics. Practice tells us that public opinion workers need to be intelligent and political, and not everyone can do it.

At noon one day, I was blocked by a fierce little man on the way to the cafeteria. He punched me and turned around and ran away. I took time off and went back to the dormitory that day, but did not go to the studio. What I didn't expect was that Lily appeared outside the window of my dormitory.

She expressed that she wanted to come in and see me. I opened the window and she turned in through the window. In fact, I didn't let her come in through the window, but wanted to make the air in the dormitory a little fresher.

Why did he hit you?

Accidentally stepped on his foot, he just. .

Your deskmate told me that someone from the senior high school cram school beat you, why?

I changed his article, and he said it was not good. It's all right now, don't worry.

. . .

That day was the happiest day in my high school. Although I was punched because of the revision incident, I gained something better.

After the college entrance examination, I followed her silently, and after she left the campus and walked into the street corner, I rushed up.

Lily, I like you, I want to be with you.

you wanna die? Do you want to soak me? You want to have sex with me? If so, you might as well buy a beautiful teen silicone sex doll to solve your needs.

I was surprised when she said this when she left school, as if she was no longer the one I knew. Seeing me who was stunned, she added another sentence.

I was joking just now, don't take it seriously. In fact, after spending so long with you in the studio, I also fell in love with you.

let's be together!

In this way, my first love began.

18 years old, my first time

That year, we were 17 years old. The first time I stood on tiptoe and kissed him, he blushed before me. Seeing him shy, I suddenly wanted to walk with him forever.

Ryo is three months older than me. He often runs with me on the playground, comforting me after quarreling with my parents and giving me a warm embrace. After class one day, we took a walk on the playground. It was very dark. We were talking about the relationship between men and women. We couldn't see each other's facial expressions. We only knew that the atmosphere at the time was subtle and ambiguous. That day, we talked very late, and my heart was still beating after returning to the dormitory. My little heart seemed to plant the seeds of curiosity, desperately trying to unearth and germinate. I think he might do the same.


cute teen sex doll

The next day, I had lunch with him as usual. Sitting face to face, I was a little embarrassed, but after a moment of silence, I whispered: "On my 18th birthday, let's spend the night together. I want you to help me and complete my coming-of-age ceremony."

Three months before the college entrance examination, my 18th birthday. I took a serious bath at home, put on the newly bought clothes, called Ryo and asked him if he was ready. He was breathing hard, and he was a little stuttered. I arrived at the appointed meeting place, Ryo was already waiting for me, and he was also in a new suit. He took my hand and quickly entered a hotel.

As soon as he entered the room, Rang rushed into the bathroom, and then there was a sound of water, which hit my eardrums very strongly. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I involuntarily pinched the skirt of my clothes, and my heart was jumping like a rabbit. I got into the bed, thinking of what was about to happen, my face was red and shy...

But ten minutes later, we left the room. Things did not develop as we expected. After Ryo came out of the bathroom, he hugged me tightly and said incoherently: "Lily, let's go back... I don't want to hurt you... We... we have to take the college entrance examination..."


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He turned his back to me, and I was wearing my clothes silently behind him. After getting dressed, we left the hotel. My 18-year-old coming-of-age ceremony ended dramatically. Later, we still walked and laughed on the playground holding hands, but no one mentioned those things anymore. Before the college entrance examination is over, we can only endure. For this, I quietly bought him a cute teen sex doll, because I knew how painful his patience was at the time. I also hope that the love doll can replace me to complete my unfinished first time.

Many years later, I suddenly remembered his back in the hotel. From that moment on, it was no longer the back of a boy, but the back of a man. I wondered what the outcome would be if I gave him my first time. But maybe it's all a good thing.